Friday, November 5, 2010

Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2011

After Looking at this collection, everything I know and love about dressing as a mature individual has been reincarnated, how Mr Hilfiger does it year after amazing year is beyond me. Yes we know that he is the King of prep, his palace is the Hamptons and the residences thereof are his loyal subjects, but Mr Hilfiger again as striped what we know (and he created) as classic prep and re-painted it with not only one but many different new brushes.
This collection has me not only enjoying the fact, that just like the air we must breathe to live, spring will arrive. But it also has left me in a mini state of depression as "I CANT WAIT UNTIL ANOTHER 4 MONTHS TO GET INTO THESE DARN CLOTHES!!!!!". Mr Hilfiger used clean crisp lines, flowing light weight material and patterns that will last many seasons to come. One can easily buy one (I would suggest two) of this collection and get every pennies worth from the every first wear, but thanks to Mr Hilfigure you will have theses pieces for years to come. The only warning I would give is: when you place items of this collection in your wardrobe, they will make all the other pieces a bit intimidated! Lol

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